Perfect addition to the family

Since Farris (from Angel Day Shepherds first litter) passed away I was so heart broken. He had left a German shepherd shaped hole in our hearts and left my family missing an important member/piece.

Nearly a year later Cindy talked me into at least meeting her recent puppies.
We met them and within an hour we were picking out the puppy.

We decided to bring Thorin home and we couldn’t be happier. Amazing temperament, playful, smart, loving, silly and obedient. Our son (age 7) and him are inseparable and there’s no question that they adore each other. Thorin loves the snow!! Farris and now Thorin absolutely love the snow so if you are wanting a snow dog as well look no further!
I would highly highly HIGHLY recommend Angel day shepherds if you are considering bringing a GSD into your family.

February 4, 2024 administrator No Comments

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