Best Family Dog Ever

Raina joined our family last summer when our sons were 1yo & 4yo. She has been the greatest addition to our family. She loves this family with every ounce of her never ending energy. Even as a puppy she knew how to play gently with our babies. Now, 8 months later, we can’t even remember our family without her.
She is a lifeguard in the bath or hot tub. She is a Playmate and protector with the kids during outdoor adventures. She is athletic and absolutely gorgeous. Her temperament and intelligence are truly on another level. She rarely leaves the kids side and she is most content when the whole family is together.
Another amazing story is that she has taken it upon herself to befriend our older neighbor. When the kids are at school she will go over to his house and tap on the back door. He lets her in and they visit for a few hours and then she comes home… usually with a new bandana around her neck 🙂 Our neighbor refers to Raina as his therapist. I can’t imagine (during a pandemic especially) finding a better friend!
If you are looking for an amazing family dog, I recommend angel day shepherds 100%.

March 7, 2022 administrator No Comments