Perfect family dog

It was an amazing experience being able to hold Bentley in one hand after he was born, to seeing him turn into a full grown dog. He has an amazing temperament, he’s great with my son, he’s smart, loyal, healthy, GORGEOUS, stubborn, funny, amazing.. I can talk about him forever. He practically leash trained himself (he’s so easy to train), so when we go anywhere he stays by me. His “job” is to protect my son, and he takes it very seriously. We go out running, to parks, the mountains, etc, and he always stays close enough to see us, on or off leash. I couldn’t be any happier. Cindy is so nice and professional, and I think it’s awesome how thorough she is in making sure her puppies go to great homes. There’s no doubt in my mind she cares about her animals and her customers. I recommend her to anyone that compliments Bentley or is thinking about getting a dog!

March 14, 2016 administrator No Comments