Competent Breeder

As owner of Silverwood’s GSD we recommend Cindy Henderson as a competent breeder of wonderful GSD puppies. She does everything a breeder can to ensure that her puppies are healthy and have good temperaments. As an important part of her breeding program she tests her dogs for hips, elbows and DM. I’ve known Cindy for […]

Like the title states I could not ask for a better pup (Duke is 16 weeks old when I wrote this on January 31st, 2017) nor could I ask for a better breeder to get him from. Cindy was so great to work with on the process of getting my puppy. I started talking to […]

As I am Cindy’s daughter some may be skeptical about my ability to remain impartial in my testimony. Rest assured that in all things, I say it like I see it! I have helped mom over the past many years in her breeding adventure. From researching potential dogs for years (and I mean a lot […]

My husband purchased Farris a little over 5 years ago and they are inseparable. This was a year before I met my now husband. I never necessarily cared for German shepherds before I met Farris. I fell in love with him and he with me. We loved him so much that we purchased Elsa from […]

It was an amazing experience being able to hold Bentley in one hand after he was born, to seeing him turn into a full grown dog. He has an amazing temperament, he’s great with my son, he’s smart, loyal, healthy, GORGEOUS, stubborn, funny, amazing.. I can talk about him forever. He practically leash trained himself […]


Thank you for our Remmington. He has been a great addition to our family and lives. He has a great temperament and been great with our kids.  He’s the smartest shepherd I’ve ever had and a very loving animal. He wants to be with us at all time and loves to go for a rides […]