Competent Breeder

As owner of Silverwood’s GSD we recommend Cindy Henderson as a competent breeder of wonderful GSD puppies. She does everything a breeder can to ensure that her puppies are healthy and have good temperaments. As an important part of her breeding program she tests her dogs for hips, elbows and DM. I’ve known Cindy for the past ten years; she purchased her first female from our kennel, after doing years of research in choosing what she wanted in a GSD breeding program, to start with. Our most important objective at Silverwood’s German Shepherds for the past forty years is to produce healthy puppies and dogs, with wonderful temperaments, that will become all around family companions. At Silverwood’s we have bred AKC champions, we’ve sold puppies that went on to achieve various working titles, as well as puppies that have been very successful in 4-H. Our breeding lines go back over twenty-five years. In breeding practices we have discovered that our lines cross well with those at Sharobi German Shepherds, where Cindy has been breeding her females. Like us, the owners of Sharobi breed for health and sound temperament. Thus, I am confident that anyone purchasing a puppy from Cindy will make an excellent and will acquire a loving animal. Cindy’s puppies are well socialized and she stands behind what she breeds.

Janet and Harvey LeDoux
Spokane WA
Silverwood German Shepherds

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